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Discipline Priest – Proving Grounds – Endless Healer 30 Waves

I just recently was able to complete the Endless Healer 30 Wave challenge in the Proving Grounds. Here is my video of the challenge and I discuss the strategy that I used. If you have any questions leave a comment on the video or feel free to reach out on Twitter.

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Hearthstone: Naxxramas Heroic Boss Guide – Construct Quarter

The Construct Quarter, the third wing of the Hearthstone add-on, Naxxramas, opened this past week. This wing is more challenging and has quite a bit more RNG involved than any of the other wings so far. You will need to do a lot of restarting of the fights, at least I did. Let’s check out the fights.


Heroic Patchwerk

Hero Power: Hateful Strike- 4 Mana – Destroy a minion.

To play with this bosses you want to play minions with beneficial death rattles. You also want to mulligan for an Ooze so that you can remove his weapon, this is very important. Continue to freeze him to get some damage on him and keep hitting him with your minions. Eventually you can turn the battle, gain board control and you will be good to go. Some attempts I noticed that he got 3 weapons, so if your game drags on be aware that this potentially could happen. You can alter your deck to account for it, or just chalk it up to RNG and try again.

Deck: Patchwerk Dies! (click for decklist)

Picture of last turn


Heroic Grobbulus

Heroic Hero Power: Poison Cloud- 0 Mana – Deal 2 damage to all enemies. If any die, summon a slime.

This fight is terrible. He likes to cast his slime and then inject it making him have two massive taunts, sometimes as early as turn five. This will make you want to have a Shadow Word: Death ready to take care of at least one. But there are times where you can RNG into him not doing it until later, which gives you a great opportunity to get him down and kill him. This was the hardest boss for me, and I just kept constantly restarting it until it worked. Like classic Priest decks for these heroics, you want to get a Deathlord or a Lightwell out, and buff it up with your Priest cards and then smash his face.

Deck: Grobbulus Killin Time!  (click for decklist)

Picture of last turn


Heroic Gluth

Heroic Hero Power: Decimate – 0 Mana – Change the Health of enemy minions to 1.

For this game you will want to mulligan for an Ooze again, just keep resetting until you get an Ooze. You want to keep destroying his weapon when you can and using your spells to go to his face. Just watch minions, freeze them when you need to, clear with Flamestrike, etc. This fight is very RNG at the beginning but after that you can just work him down with your spells.

Deck: Priest Kills (click for decklist)

Picture of last turn

Heroic Thaddius

Heroic Hero Power: Polarity Shift – 0 Mana – Swap the Attack and Heath of all minions.

Due to his hero power you just want to play a zoo deck with not the normal amount of low health minions as they will die before getting any value out of them. We add Feugen and Stalagg to the deck, while great to get them on the board and they can do some damage, the real benefit is that once they are gone you can get some Thaddius’s out on the board. I managed to work it that I had two out on the board at the same time and was able to quickly work him down.You will want to mulligan for some removal so you can remove his Feugen and Stalagg off the board. Then it gets much easier. Also once his are gone, even if one of yours dies, you will get a Thaddius out on the board. This fight wasn’t too bad if you deal with his initial board quickly and then happen to get a Feugen or Stalagg on the board by turn 5/6.

Deck: Priest Kills (click for decklist)

Picture of last turn


That was the summary for the fourth wing of the expansion for Hearthstone. Coming next is my write up for the final wing of the expansion, the Frostwyrm Wing. Questions or comments message me on Twitter.

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