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Discipline Priest – Clarity of Will Weak Aura

Since the launch of Warlords I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to monitor the new Bubble Discipline Priests get with their level 100 talent. I decided to go with an icon that shows when Clarity of Will is on my current target. It will also then show the percentage of the bubble on the target. I’m not sure of the value in seeing the actual numerical size of the bubble. Because, honestly if it’s too low you just wont cancel cast your next CoW and you will let it go through. Percentage seemed like a nice fast thing to check.

Example of it in action.

Clarity of Will Weak Aura

Clarity of Will Weak Aura

Edit: Updated 12/14/14 – Shows cooldown of spell on target and now the Weak Aura will only load if you have the talent selected.

Updated for 6.0.3 Hotfix to 75% Priest health
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