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VB Cable Setup and Streaming

This tutorial is a variation on a previous tutorial, the difference being using VB Cable and the tools located at their website. The theory is the same as the last tutorial, but I have been meaning to write up a new one since I switched to using these tools instead of VAC.

The advantages to me so far from VAC to VB Cable are ease of use as well as less issues. When using VAC I would run into instances where the extra audio cables would start performing badly or just crashing. I could also get random BSODs as well. I reached out to a few people and they said it had to do with how the timing of the audio channels interacted with the CPU timing. I didn’t dig that far into it. Just know that if you are having similar issues that I have had no issues whatsoever with VB Cables.
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Mythic Twin Ogron Down!

Mythic Twin Ogron fell for us last night, check out the video and let me know what you think.

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