Hearthstone: Naxxramas Heroic Boss Guide – Military Quarter

The Plague Quarter, the second wing of the Hearthstone add-on, Naxxramas, opened this past week. Let’s dive in like before and review what I used to beat each boss. Hopefully they help  you get through them and get ready for the next wing!


Heroic Instructor Razuvious

Passive Hero Power: Unbalancing Strike – 1 Mana – Deal 4 damage.

Starting Board

This fight hands you a card that allows you to take control of the two starting minions on the board. I tried quite a few ways to play with this card, and it really does just seem best to play it as early as you can. He will also have a card that will give himself a 10 damage weapon that does 20 damage to your hero. You want to steal this card from his deck and use it against him to kill him. Due to his hero power, be vary aware of the order you play cards. Try to not just feed him. Overall this fight was not too bad. This fight was the  hardest one for me. I really needed to get some cards out in the right order or get them in hand to be able to combat what he has coming at you. So steal that weapon, and smack him in the face!

Deck: Raz Dies! (click for decklist)

Picture of last turn


Heroic Gothik the Harvester

Heroic Hero Power: Harvest – 1 Mana – Draw a Card. Gain a Mana Crystal.

Smart trades and managing your health is the key to victory here. You entire goal this fight is just to watch him draw himself out of cards and then fatigue himself to death. So play defensively and make smart trades and you should be good to go here.

Deck: Pally Power  (click for decklist)

Picture of last turn


Heroic The Four Horsemen

Heroic Hero Power: Unholy Shadow – 5 Mana – Draw 2 cards.

Starting Board

Some things to be aware of going into this fight. All the minions need to be dead before you can damage the hero. He will also have a spell to resurrect one of them when they die back with one health, so be prepared for that. His weapon will also do more damage when all the starting minions are dead. Plan accordingly for that as well. Play some basic control and heal yourself often, push on to victory!

Deck: Priest Kills (click for decklist)

Picture of last turn

That was the summary for the third wing of the expansion for Hearthstone. The Construct Quarter opened up today! Once I work through that I’ll make another guide for everyone. Questions or comments message me on Twitter.

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