Hearthstone: Naxxramas Heroic Boss Guide – Plague Quarter

The Plague Quarter, the second wing of the Hearthstone add-on, Naxxramas, opened this past week. Let’s dive in like before and review what I used to beat each boss. Hopefully they help  you get through them and get ready for the next wing!


Heroic Noth the Plaguebringer

Passive Hero Power: Raise Dead – Whenever an enemy dies, raise a 5/5 skeleton.

This was by far the hardest fight for me this go around. I tried many decks to do this fight, freeze Mage and various other builds. What I ended up focusing on was a Priest control’ish deck with Alexstraza. You just work to maintain board control, but try not to feed minions to him to proc his Hero Power. It took me quite awhile to get the right card setup to finish this out. I did so bad on this fight I don’t have much more than that to explain here. Maintain board control, don’t sacrifice any minions unless you need to and that is how you can head towards victory.

Deck: Priest and Alex (click for decklist)

Picture of last turn


Heroic Heigan the Unclean

Heroic Hero Power: Eruption – Deal 3 damage to the left-most enemy minion.

Starting board

For this fight you want to play pretty much a classic freeze Mage deck. You’ll want to maintain board control as much as you can as well gaming his hero ability. To do this you’ll want to play cards with advantageous deathrattles on the left-most side of your board. Once you get that piece working for you this fight gets really simple and you just stall, clear what you can and then blow him up once you have the cards.

Deck: Return of Frosty  (click for decklist)

Picture of last turn


Heroic Loatheb

Heroic Hero Power: Necrotic Aura – No Mana cost – Deal 3 damage to the enemy hero.

Starting board

Out of the three fights in this wing, this was the most  fun of the three. You start with the board at the link above. What I did was restart my game until I was able to mulligan a Shadow Word: Pain to clear the taunt minion. Once you have that, the huge initial threat is gone and you can play your game. You may be tempted to play an Alexstrasza in your deck for this boss. If you play her during this fight, Kel’thuzad will basically tell you to stop cheating. You will lose the mana you used to play the card, plus the card will just get removed off the board, and it wont be able to do anything. So hopefully that helps you avoid getting pretty messed up by that little trick. The real trick to this fight is playing with the spores and buffing your own minions so you can really do some damage to Loatheb. Take a look at my kill screen below for an idea of what can happen. I have since gone back to play the spore game a bit more and you can really get some of your minions with some really high attack values.

Deck: Priest Kills (click for decklist)

Picture of last turn

That was the summary for the second wing of the expansion for Hearthstone. The Military Quarter opened up today! Once I work through that I’ll make another guide for everyone. Questions or comments message me on Twitter.

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