Hearthstone: Naxxramas Heroic Boss Guide – Arachnid Quarter

Curse of Naxxramas A Hearthstone Adventure was released this week. This is Blizzard’s first single player adventure mode add-on for Hearthstone. One of the nice things about this first wing is that everyone is able to unlock it for free for a limited time. So jump right in and start to check it out to see if you are interested in getting the next wings when they are released. The normal modes of the bosses as well as the class quests that come with this wing are pretty straightforward and we are not going to cover them in this guide. I am going to review what I used to defeat the heroic bosses. For these fights, the bosses they have tweaked hero powers and now start with 45 health instead of the standard 30. So let’s review each boss and see what I did to defeat them.


Heroic Anub’Rekhan

Heroic Hero Power: Skitter – For 2 Mana, Summon a 4/4 Nerubian.

The basic premise for this fight is that it is going to be very easy for Anub’Rekhan to summon fairly powerful minions pretty quickly. This can quickly overwhelm you. So to beat this fight we need to figure out a way to deal with all these minions.

Best way to deal with lots of minions that will wreck you? Ignore them completely of course!

Final Deck Choice: Basic Freeze Mage (click for decklist)

Follow the basic game plan with this deck. You want to stall until you can play Alexstrasza, and then use your nukes to kill the boss in the next turn or two. Save your Blizzards for a little later to better use the value of the card to clear a big board.


Heroic Grand Widow Faerlina

Heroic Hero Power: Rain of Fire – For 1 Mana, Fire a missile for each card in your opponents hand.

If you head into this fight, you will quickly notice that you don’t want to be sitting with too many cards in your hand. She will quickly whittle you down with her hero power. I tried a few decks  with this in mind, but didn’t have any luck. I then just decided to switch it up and went with a Druid, with a ton of beefy taunts. I got an Ironbark Protector out as soon as I could, and it started doing some considerable damage to her. I protected it with other taunts, and buffed it with some spells. He became the MVP of the run.

Deck: Taunts Galore Druid (click for decklist)


Heroic Maexxna

Heroic Hero Power: Web Wrap – No Mana cost – Return 2 random enemy minions to your opponent’s hand.

Now think about that hero power for a minute. A good way to abuse this is to leverage a bunch of spells and cards with charge and various battlecry’s. There are a few decks that will do this successfully. I attempted a nice Paladin deck first. The goal being to leverage various Paladin cards to set enemy attacks to 1 and keep healing and work the boss down. I had a few goes at it, and was getting there but just couldn’t get over the edge to win. Then I asked a few people how their attempts were going and Sancus mentioned that he just used a Freeze Mage deck and took care of it. The deck he used was different than what I had used earlier. Rather than repeat his tips for using the deck I’ll just share the link to his deck where he does a good job going over all of that.

Sancus Freeze Mage for Heroic Maexxna


That’s all of the heroic bosses for the Arachnid Quarter. The Plague Quarter opens up next in two weeks. Once I work through that I’ll make another guide for everyone. Questions or comments message me on Twitter.

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